• Concept
 city bike

In 2022, I left Paris for Amsterdam. Surrounded by water, wind, rain, bicycles, red bricks, the blue of Albert Heijn and tulips, I descovered a new environnement & made a new home. On a rainy day like any other, I watched the cyclists fight against the wind to move forward. Their waterproof jackets were swelling in the back, their hoods were tight. The Wind created ripples on their clothes as well as on the water.. I had an idea.

Let’s design a new jacket

dam moodboard

 city bikewindblue albert

dam moodboard 2


croquis de recherches dam

dam sewing process


In an eco-responsible approach, I set myself the goal of reducing fabric scraps by creating a tulipe pattern that reuses them.

textile dam

  IMG 4204--

The jacket made entirely of denim inspired by a place a few steps from my house where tables were covered with second-hand jeans.

final look dam

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