• Concept

It’s the story of twenty young creatives brought together by CASA93 to create a unique and collaborative collection. The collection questions what seen as normal, strange. It is the vision of what they would like the world to be by telling what it is. The intention to leave the ordinary to return to the reality of an unheard of world. They presented this collective collection via a fashion film with Badass Bureau and Wwwesh Studio.

His eyes linger on every detail of the characters’ outfits. He is as if hypnotized by the materials.

Extract synopsis Inouï

backstage inoui

inouï 1E869D0C-4FEA-4756-B7F5-4AAAA7062E2C

Backstage design of the collective collection in collaboration with Argentik magazine.

outfit final inoui

IMG 2785,outfit 3d 4K

Creating the Inouïe collective collection means thinking, imagining, talking, creating, drawing, sharing, cutting, embroidering, weaving, together. This final outfit is the result of a collective drawing where each one thought of a curve of the garment. 3D illustration by wwwesh studio.

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